How to Connect Your Smart Home with Cat5e


Tools needed:

  • Cat5e Cable
  • Modular plugs
  • RJ45 crimper
  • Network Switch

Step 1: Identify the Cat5e cables that look like this. Pull apart each strand and straighten them out as much as possible in order to insert into the modular plug.

Step 2: Trim the excess cables evenly making sure not to strip the lower part of the cables that will go into the modular plug. You can do so with your RJ45 crimper tool. Take the wires and funnel them inside according to the color diagram associated with the modular plugs. Make sure to push them all the way in and the wires fit snug.

Step 3: Insert the modular plug into your RJ45 crimper and then squeeze to crimp it. Unclip it from the tool to remove it.

Step 4: The end product should look like this!

Step 5: Purchase a network switch. This will route all of your devices to one place. Below is a 5 port network switch but there are many options out there.

Step 6: Your service lines will need to go into the back of your modem. Below is what most modems look like. You will always need power for your modem.

Step 7: After you connect your service line you’ll want to connect your cat5e cable. Place the cat5e cable in the portion of your modem that states “ethernet” and make sure it fits snug.

Step 8: Add your modem to the network switch. The switch will light up after connecting ensuring that you have it correct.

Step 9: Below is an example of a smart device that has a special port for the ethernet cord. All smart devices will have a space for the ethernet cord. Make sure it fits snug in its correct space.

Step 10: These devices and cables all connect to create a stronger smart home experience for you! 


If all of these steps seem overwhelming – we are happy to schedule an appointment to service your smart home! Please fill out the form below with your information and we’ll take care of you!

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