Learn About Home Alarm Systems

If there is one thing that you cannot do without in your Sacramento, CA home it is a reliable home alarm that can tell you when your home has been breached. Without a home security system, you can lose a lot of valuables and property to burglars and you are also risking your life and that of your family. Since there are so many different kinds of alarms most homeowners usually go for the first one they come across – after all, it will alert them when there is a breach in the home. This is not the best way to get a home alarm. You should educate yourself about the different kinds that are available in the market and then based on your needs choose the best one. Here are the 4 most common types of alarms:

• Monitored home alarm systems are the most common alarms in homes in Sacramento, CA. The way they work is simple – if there is a breach in your home it triggers the alarm which automatically dials a call center. The call center can either call you back to find out if there is a problem or they can call the police depending on what you have agreed with them. This kind of arrangement works in most cases for 2 reasons: the first is that the loud ringing of the alarm is likely to scare off burglars. The second reason is that if police are alerted right away, they can come to your aid. That said, this kind of home security has some downsides. The first is that the call to the call center is routed through the landline in your home. A burglar can snap the phone cables and the call will not go out. The other downside is that it can take some time for the call center to call the police and for them to come to your home. You should note that monitored home alarm systems are usually more expensive than other kinds of alarms because you have
to pay monitoring fees.

• Unmonitored home alarm systems are also a good option. The alarm goes off in case someone is trying to break into your home and loud sirens ring throughout the neighborhood. They can be installed with bright, flashing lights for a more dramatic effect. These home security systems rely on your neighbors – the attention that they pay to your home when the home alarm goes off is likely to scare off any intruders. The problem with this kind of alarm is that if your neighbors aren’t home there may be no one to call the police; you just have to hope that the burglar will be scared off by the loud noise. In addition to that, if your neighbors are not the chummy kind they may hear the alarm and not react at all. These kinds of alarms are best in tightly knit neighborhoods where homeowners know one another and care about each other’s home security.

• Wireless home alarm systems are also becoming more and more popular in homes in Sacramento, CA. They can be alarms that use sensors, beams, motion detectors and even cameras. The good thing with these alarms is that they are easy to install – most of them come with DIY instructions. The other advantage is that you don’t have to pay monitoring fees. The con of these kinds of alarms is that they use batteries which have to be replaced often. Also, there are limits to the distance that you can have sensors, which means that some areas of your home may not be protected. These kinds of alarms are best for smaller homes and apartments. If you have a sprawling property this kind of alarm system is not the best for you.

• Electric current home alarm systems are common in new properties – they are installed during construction. They are designed to monitor all windows and doors in the home and when any is opened, even a bit, the alarm goes off. They can be useful if you have a large home and small kids who wander around – if they open a door or a window you will be alerted immediately by a small beep. The potential problem with this kind of security system is the fact that since they rely on electricity nearby electrical currents can interfere with them. Lightning can also be a problem.

What should you consider when choosing an alarm for your Sacramento, CA home?

Now that you know the different kinds of alarms systems that you can choose from, you may be asking yourself what you should take into account before you purchase one. As we have already talked about, the size of property that you own plays a big part. In addition to that, the kind of neighborhood that you live in is also significant – if you live in an area that has frequent break-ins you may want something more robust, such as a monitored or unmonitored home alarm system. If you live in a relatively safe neighborhood then any kind of alarm is good for you. Budget is also a factor, but don’t let it influence you too much – you are after all, trying to make your home as secure as possible. It is also important to see if the home alarm system you are looking at includes fire alarm, burglar alarm, and carbon monoxide alarm functions. By wrapping each alarm system together, you can often find a simple yet effective alarm panel that can do it all.

The other thing that you want to take into account is maintenance. It is always best to have your alarm installed by a company that also does maintenance. That way, you can schedule days on which they can come in and service your alarm and make sure that it is working properly. In case your alarm keeps going off all the time and there is no breach, it is important that you call the maintenance company instead of switching it off – sometimes burglars are able to get in by triggering home alarm systems several times knowing that the homeowner will turn it off.

One of the best home alarm companies in Sacramento, CA is Republic Elite Integration. Not only are they experts at installing all kinds of home security, they also install things like electronic locks so that you never need to use a key. They can also install cameras on your property to ensure that it is monitored 24/7. Their clients choose them time and time again for several reasons – they have the best quality alarm systems in the market, they install them professionally, they are fast and they are friendly. In addition to that, they are aware that many people don’t know much about home security, so they are ready to give advice where it is needed – just call them and they will send one of their technicians to your home to evaluate your security needs.

Home Alarm Systems