Learn About Home Theater Systems

One of the best ways that you can improve entertainment in your home in Sacramento, CA is to install a home theater system. In case you don’t know what that is, a home theater is an electronic system that is fitted in your home that allows you to watch movies, enjoy music and other kinds of entertainment. In the past, watching a movie at home involved the use of a TV and a DVR, and more recently a DVD player. This kind of limited the experience – you want to experience the movie as you would in a real theater. The problem with going to a real theater is that it may be crowded, it may not be very sanitary, you have to sit among strangers and in many cases, you just don’t have the time. You can avoid all these things by installing a home theater – you will watch your movies conveniently in your home and you will get a similar viewing and auditory experience as that in movie theaters.

So what makes a home theater so similar to going to the movies?

The first and most noticeable likeness between the two is the sound that you get. If you have ever been to the movies, you know that the sound doesn’t just seem to be coming from the screen itself – it feels like it is all around you which makes movies more enticing. A home theater system in your Sacramento, CA home will give you the same experience. Home theaters have surround sound speakers behind the screen, one each to the left and right and then several other speakers in the room. All these combine to give you a feeling of more involvement in whatever is happening on the screen. Home theater rooms sometime include integrated lighting control to optimize the image clarity on screen. Other differences are:

•    The size of the screen in a home theater system will make you feel more involved in movies. Your TV screen is a small one, which means that if anything in the room moves while you are watching a movie you will get distracted. In a home theater, the screen is much bigger which grabs your attention and also makes images on the screen look bigger.

•    You will see images much more clearly. If you think that your 22 inch TV has clear images, you should try watching something on a home theater system. They are designed to offer a lot more clarity and fluidity which allows you to enjoy your experience even more.

So what is needed to create a home theater?

There are many different kinds of home theaters available and what you need will most likely be dictated by your budget. That said, there are some components that must be present for this special viewing experience. You must have:

•    A large screen, usually at least 27 inches.

•    A minimum of 4 speakers.

•    A unit that splits the surround sound and sends it to other speakers.

•    Something to play movies on – you can use a DVD player, for example.

•    Lastly, you will need a room in your house where all these things can fit. Home theaters can be designed for only your family’s viewing experience, in which case you don’t need a lot of room, or you can have one which can sit a lot of people, in which case you will need a bigger room and of course some comfortable chairs for your home theater seating.

In case you are wondering how much money you need to get a home theater installed in your Sacramento, CA home, you will be happy to know that with as little as $500 you can rig a makeshift one – just buy a few other speakers and a little extra equipment and you can have a different viewing experience. That said, if you want to have the real thing you have to be prepared to spend a bit more – they cast anything from $1,000 to $30,000.

What should you take into account when choosing a home theater?

The first thing that you should do is decide on the kind of sound that you want – speakers are the heart of a home theater. If you don’t know much about home theater  speakers and how to choose them, the best thing that you can do is go to a vendor of home theater systems and ask him to play you something on different kinds of speakers. An alternative is to talk to an installer such as Republic Elite Integration who are one of the top smart home technology consultants in Sacramento, CA. Since they have worked on a large number of home theater installation jobs they can come to your home, look at your needs and then advise you on what kind of home theater design is best.

The size of the room where the home theater will be installed is also significant – it dictates how many surround sound speakers need to be installed. If you have a big room you will need to have more speakers than if you have a smaller room. If the room you choose has many windows that let sound out you will also need to have more speakers. Choose a room in the house that has just one window in order to ensure that most of the sound is captured.

Do not be lured into buying a home theater just because it comes from the top brand names. Many people buy electronics just because they are manufactured by the biggies – Sony, Kenwood, Panasonic and so on. Do not let brand name be your guide. Instead, buy your home theater from a company that has a long history of fine acoustics and speaker research.

Who should install your home theater for you?

Some people are DIY savvy and are able to install their own home theater systems but if you are not you will have to call in a professional to do it for you. We have already mentioned Republic Elite Integration, one of the leading Sacramento, CA companies when it comes to home theater installation and maintenance. Not only are they experts at what they do, they also offer a fast and friendly service. They have experience installing many different brands of home theater systems and you can be sure that whatever your brand is they will install it for you. They can help you throughout the process, all the way from choosing the right home theater system to installation.

Home Theater Systems