Monitoring and Surveillance Systems

Modern surveillance systems are much more than just a few security cameras on a closed loop recording. With live video surveillance and video security, monitoring your home has never been easier or more comprehensive. With a simple installation of IP cameras or a CCTV camera, home surveillance systems can offer a level of protection and connectivity that was not possible before. Including video security into your smart home automation packages allows you to protect your family and your home from unwanted visitors or dangerous situations.

By being able to see who is on or around your property at any time via your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or computer, you are your own gatekeeper around the clock. After camera installation, Republic Elite Integration’s trained technicians can show you how to operate your surveillance systems properly and effectively so that your home is never at risk again. One great benefit about modern surveillance and monitoring is that you have the opportunity to catch criminals or vandals red-handed via a live video feed, but if you are not monitoring your security cameras at the time, you can always see what happened throughout the day via video playback. This makes security cameras even more valuable; not only can a security system help ward off potential break-ins or burglaries, but it can also be hard evidence in the even that something ever goes wrong.

One great thing about surveillance systems is that it does not matter how large or how small they are. Whether you have a single camera near your front door, or dozens of cameras throughout your property, a video security system can be scaled to fit your needs while still remaining cost-effective. Since digital video monitoring requires less infrastructure than analog video monitoring, it is less costly to expand the coverage of your system without having to drag in bulky recording devices and memory storage units. Thanks to digital video, an entire day’s worth of tape can be stored in a fragment of a hard drive and can be reviewed an infinite number of times at different speeds or directions. Video feeds can also be set up to alert you when a certain action is occurring on screen. There are options to alert you whenever there is motion on the camera, which will then set up a memory point in the recording so that you do not waste your time reviewing hours of tape during which not a single thing in frame moves.

Surveillance Systems and Monitoring

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