Republic Elite Integration offers comprehensive home automation solutions for various living environments, including:

All of our systems work seamlessly together, leveraging the latest technology, to deliver greater security, comfort, convenience, and entertainment.

While we focus primarily on production and custom home construction, we also perform aftermarket upgrades on existing homes. Our turnkey approach to your project—from planning and bidding to product delivery and installation—ensures everything is handled efficiently, consistently, and with quality. This helps save builders and homeowners from hassle, stress, delays, and cost overruns.

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Control almost every aspect of your home from almost anywhere. It’s more than cool. More than convenient. It saves you time, and it saves you money.

Without a home security system, you can lose a lot of valuables and property to burglars and you are also risking your life and that of your family.

Don’t let your new home and those who live in it go unprotected. Protect your house and family 24/7 with a state-of-the-art  security system.

Near theater quality audio and video with seating that surpasses any multiplex, and you controlling all aspects of your media room from a tablet or smartphone.

Suck it up and out of sight. From powerful whole-house cleaning, to fast, easy cleanups of frequent daily messes, with Dirt Devil or Electrolux.

Many people like to think that a home audio system is the same as a home theater system. Although they are quite similar, a home theater system is a different thing – it is the whole while a home audio system is only a part.

Being able to turn lights on and off, lock and unlock doors, activate your home theater system, and draw your shades from one central access control unit, you are in total control no matter where inside your house you are.

With the advancement in smart home technology, there is now a wide variety of intercoms to chose from, such as: wireless intercoms, video intercoms, or intercom phones.

No smart home is truly complete without an energy management system. The goal of an energy management system is to conserve resources, protect the climate, and save the users money while still providing all of the energy they need.

By installing a lighting control system in your smart home, you can easily save money on energy bills. The ability to use a lighting control module to power on and off lights, dim bulbs, and draw shades makes it simpler to use less energy.