Below Are Some of our Frequently Asked Questions


We recommend that you conduct a monthly test on your alarm system. This ensures that everything is working properly. Please see the two options for testing your system below.

First Option:

  1. Call CMS at 1(800)432-1429
  2. Inform them that you are running a monthly TEST on your alarm system. This is important because it will notify the monitoring station that your alarm will be triggered intentionally and they will not follow dispatch protocol.
  3. Arm your home security system as usual.
  4. Set the alarm off by opening a door/window and let it go for approximately 1 minute.
  5. Call CMS back, confirm with them that they received the signals, request they take it off test mode and set back to regular alarm dispatch protocol.

Second Option:

  1. Register your alarm online at – you will need your account number (please add an R if your account begins with “21” or “89”) and the verbal passcode you set up initially. Once you are logged in you can put your alarm on TEST MODE temporarily.


In this quick video, you will learn how to review video clips with the calendar functionality, as well as how to save the video clip to your phone’s camera roll.


This is a quick overview of how to access and utilize your account.

Quickly learn how to setup the push notifications feature.

Resideo Pro Series

Click on this link to access the User Guide: Total Connect User Guide for Resideo

Use this YouTube video to learn more:

Please see the attached brochure for more information: ProSeries A7 Brochure