5.1 Home Theater Special

$1,999 (including tax)

This is the special of the summer! Our 5.1 Home Theater Special will include all of the following PLUS all installation fees and services. The audio system would be installed with all the components that are listed above. Once these items have been configured, the homeowner would be able to use their Audio system for anything from video games to watching their favorite shows. In addition, other devices can be added to provide more robust or specific functions like Home Automation. With the latest and greatest features that have been included with this model, the owner will be able to use smart devices and voice control for simpler use.

  • 10" Upgraded Klipsch Subwoofer (R-101sw)

  • 5 - 6.5" Klipsch Ceiling Speakers (DS-160CDT)

  • Yamaha RX-V4A Receiver

  • Additional Installation Accessories

    i.e. Banana clips, 1 5-port network switch, 1 outlet strip, 2 HDMI cables